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VETOCANIS: Your ally against fleas and ticks.

VETOCANIS, experts in anti-flea and anti-tick solutions for over 20 years, offers you a comprehensive range to eliminate and repel fleas and ticks present on your dog, as well as practical advice to help you to get rid of the parasites.
It's simple, we offer two ranges of products adapted to your situation: either your cat is already infested or your dog is at risk of being infested! 

Your cat is infested
If your dog already has fleas and/or ticks, opt for veterinary medicinal products in the VETOCANIS ACTION range. These veterinary medicinal products can eliminate the fleas and ticks present on your animal in an effective way.
These products are veterinary medicinal products. Do not hesitate to take advice from your pharmacist or vet; if symptoms persist, consult a vet. Before using, read the information contained in the instructions for use notice carefully.

Your cat is at risk of being infested
If you have not detected fleas or ticks on your animal, but you want to guard against them, the products in the VETOCANIS PREVENTION range will allow you to keep the parasites away from your animal and therefore protect you against the risk of infestation. If your dog has experienced a parasite infestation, to protect him completely the application of a preventive treatment is necessary.
Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and the information about the product.

Defend your home against parasites
95% of parasites live in your dog's environment. To achieve this it is necessary to protect the living space. Some of our products eliminate adult fleas, as well as their eggs and larvae in your animal's environment, thereby avoiding parasitic re-infestation. It also kills ticks.

Discover all the anti-flea and anti-tick solutions from the VETOCANIS range for treatment or prevention for your cat, depending on your situation!


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