ACTION - Eliminate Flea & Tick

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ACTION - Eliminate Flea & Tick

Above all, don't panic!
When you detect the presence of parasites, such as fleas or ticks, on your cat don’t wait, protect your pet with an anti-parasite treatment.  
It is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible, as this will prevent the animal from being too exposed to diseases or conditions caused by the parasites, and to provide it with relief quickly.

Efficient solutions for veterinary use 
The VETOCANIS Action range help kill fleas and ticks effectively - choose the solution that best suits your needs and those of your dog.
VETOCANIS pipettes or collars will provide comfort for your cat in the face of aggressions caused by parasites, and will help to protect it from the diseases which they transmit.

Don't do things by half...
When there is a strong risk of parasitical infestations such as fleas or ticks, you also need to treat your habitat to make sure that any infestation doesn’t last long. 

So discover the full VETOCANIS ACTION range, which enables you to treat your cat effectively when it has an infestation, as well as to protect your home.

ACTION - Eliminate Flea & Tick

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