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Don't do things by half!

A frequent problem for a good number of pet owners, parasites do not only take refuge on your animal but also in your home!
Only 5% of parasites are actually on your pet, 95% are in your home. 

When your dog or cat has fleas, the proliferation of fleas and eggs spreads quickly through your household.
To provide effective protection for your pet and your home, in parallel with the application of an anti-flea and anti-tick treatment for your dog or cat, you should think about inspecting your common living environment: your sofa, its bedding, its toys, etc...and use a pest control measure for the habitat if necessary.

So discover the full VETOCANIS ACTION range, which enables you to treat your cat effectively when it has an infestation, as well as to protect your home!
Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and the information about the product.

HOME - Flea & Tick Control

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