copy of Professional Anti-Itching Shampoo for Dogs. 300 ml

Reference : BIO000372
Designation : VETOCANIS Shampoing Anti-Démangeaisons 750ml

The anti-itching shampoo contains probiotics, which help to soothe your dog's sensitive skin and reduce dandruff. The anti-itching shampoo does not contain paraben or silicone, to be as kind as possible to your dog.

Product benefits

Fight against itching :
Des produits certifiés AMM / ISO 9001 Des produits certifiés AMM / ISO 9001

VETOCANIS Professional Anti-Itching Shampoo for dogs soothes itching and eliminates dandruff. 

The natural probiotics contained in this formula will restore the skin’s natural balance while visibly reducing dandruff and its associated signs such as itching and redness. 
This shampoo formulated without silicone or paraben has been specially designed to calm and soothe sensitive and reactive skin. 

Suitable for all types of coat and all lengths of hair. 
300 ML format.

All our Shampoos are made in France, in Alsace, under Veterinary Supervision.


Can I wash my dog with my shampoo for people?

Your dog's skin does not have the same balance as yours. Shampoos for people, even if mild, risk weakening your dog's bacterial flora, and causing skin damage (itching, irritation, hair loss, etc.). This is why it is recommended to use a dog shampoo, which is specially designed to respect its skin and enhance its coat. 

How do I choose the right shampoo for my dog?

Choose your dog's shampoo on the basis of its needs. If you wish to preserve the beauty of its coat, opt for a shampoo which corresponds to your dog’s type of hair (short, long, thick, white, etc.). If your dog has skin problems (itching, allergies, etc.), professional shampoos will target and reduce this problem, and improve your dog’s well-being.


Your dog needs to be washed about once a month, to keep its coat shiny and silky, and its skin healthy. As well as sharing a moment together, this will be an opportunity to check that there are no skin lesions or other parasites, and to intervene as quickly as possible if there are. 


Did you know ?

L'épiderme de votre chien mesure moins de 100 micromètres d'épaisseur, soit jusqu'à 60 fois plus fin que l'épiderme humain. Il est essentiel de lui choisir un shampoing qui respecte sa peau fragile.

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